Writing Today

For the first time in a very long time, i was able to spend the day just writing. It felt good. i worked on some editing as well. I did learn that i can’t physically type as fast as i think without making mistakes. That means i have to back space and re-type a word(s) again. I hate that. It was a good day for writing. Thank you God.


I have found that I can write for a long period of time and then I begin to feel a little bored, uncreative; like i’ve run out of steam. Is this a type of burn out or was I too intense and I had become weary? Never the less, every time I come back to write again and pick where I had left of in my novel, it feels good to write again. Maybe I needed to take a breather and then I come back fully charged.

What to do

is their really any true sense of peace when confronted with more than one passion?

On with the writing

I never thought in a million years I would even consider writing a book, let alone a novel. I’ve always read non-fiction books. Many of them have been based on Christian theology, biographies and a large amount of music magazines. I’m having a lot of fun writing this book especially since it allows for another creative outlet. Playing bass guitar has creative outlet as well, but at times, it requires other people to contribute. Writing is a singular process which makes things much easier to be creative without relying others. Until next time, on with the writing.

Still Standing

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog. I’m glad to write that much has happened in 2011. Even though it was a really hard year for me and kim, we are still standing. I’m also glad to say I’m working on my first novel. I hope to have the first draft finished by March 2012. I’m praying that this year, 2012 will be a good year and many aspects. Until next time, keep on keeping on.

“Hey Bart, when you get a second, waddle that body of yours over here.”
“Ok, just a second Missy.”
As Bart makes his way over to the window where Missy is looking out of, she admires all the world has to offer with eyes filled with hopes, dreams, as well as a mind filled with remembrance.
“Bart, do you realize on the other side of this window is a world filled with majesty, splendor and wonder?”
“Don’t forget freedom Missy.”
“Oh believe me, I haven’t forgotten freedom.”
“Tell me what it’s like on the other side of this window.”
As Missy adjusts herself to look at Bart, she carefully moves so she doesn’t lose her comfortable position as the sun warms her body.
“There’s a huge world out there Bart. I remember the smell of morning dew on the grass, the sounds of rustling leaves in the fall season, and the cold brisk air of winter rushing through my bones. The warm sensations of spring time as the flowers bloom and butterflies go about fluttering wherever they desire. I have to admit though, I like watching the butterflies and birds fly in freedom. They look so innocent and unencumbered by anything, they just seem to be so free of all things.”
Bart was hanging on every word Missy was saying as if it was his last chance to ever hear of the reality of the other side of the window. He had become so engaged in her stories of old that he didn’t mind that his body had become achy sitting in the same posture for a long period of time. Eventually he did mind and repositioned himself.
As Missy had continued sharing her experience of freedom with excitement and enthusiasm, Bart began to slowly change his facial expression from excitement to a somber look. His eyes where leading his head towards the floor, almost as if he had been defeated by something.
“Bart? Are you ok? What’s the matter?”
“I want that freedom you speak of. I’m bored in here. I see and do the same things day in and day out. Don’t you get tired of being in here?”
“Yea, I do get bored but I feel like I have it good in here.”
“Really? Are you serious? It doesn’t sound that good compared to the stories of freedom you talk about. Hey, I’ve got an idea Missy, let’s break out of here. Let’s plan an escape.”
Missy tried to so hard not to laugh at Bart. She new that was impossible, but she still wanted to hear what he had to say. She repositioned herself to a new comfortable place in front of the window so she can still soak in the warm sun on her body. She loves sunbathing and this is as good as it will get for her. After her various movements of trying to find just the right position, Bart had become agitated that he didn’t realize he was giving her the evil eye as to say hurry up.
Finally Bart let it out.
“Hurry up and settle down already, I haven’t got all day!”
“Yes you do Bart” as she replied with a tone of a sarcasm in her voice.
“Ok, let’s here your “plan” of escape.”
“In the middle of the day when no one is around, we can make our way down the path that leads to the main road and from there…”

Honey, the cats have been meowing for ten minutes now and it’s getting on my nerves. Throw something at them.

I Have a Question

“Morning John, Sure is a beautiful sunrise isn’t it?”
“Huh? Oh yea, it sure is Phil.”
“I don’t mean to pry John, but you sure seem to be deep in thought. What are you reading?”
“I’m reading about the spiritual growth of a mature christian man. My wife strongly suggested I should read up on it.”
“She’s right, I’m kidding; I’m kidding. Well, it sounds like you’ll be asking some questions. I’ll be here if you ever want to talk.”
“As a matter of fact Phil, I do have a question.”
“Ok, shoot.”
“What does it mean to be a mature christian? I’ve heard that phrase, but I don’t know what it looks like.”
“Funny you should ask John”
“Why is that?”
“Why don’t you change into clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and I’ll show you what a mature Christian looks like.”
“Something tells me being a christian means getting dirty.”
“You have no idea John.”
“I’m about to install this final post for my fence and you can help.”
“Ok, what can I do?”
“Take that eight foot 4×4 post and drop it in the hole; as I hold it in place, take the four foot level that is behind you and level the post.”
“Like that?”
“Perfect John, now back fill in the hole and pat it down to add stability.”
“If I use my hands and the end of the two by four block will that work alright to pat it down?”
“That will work just fine.”
“Ok, now what?”
“Now we nail these last framing boards and panels and that finishes the job.”
“ I can’t believe how fast you got dirty John, we only worked about an hour.” “Don’t feel bad, my wife is going to say the same exact thing to me.”
“Well Phil, you never did answer my question.”
“I didn’t have to; you answered it on your own.”
“I did?”
“Sure. You know the answer in concept, but let me explain it a little differently. Remember when you asked me what the purpose is for the corner post we were installing and I said look at the other corner post, and I asked what it was doing?”
“Yea, and I said that it was giving stability, strength, and security to the adjacent components.”
“And you are right John. Part of being a mature christian imparts those concepts to your character.” Remember when I asked you to back fill and pat down the dirt around the post?”
“Yea, and I said that it has to be done because that’s where the dirt came from”.
“You do have a sense of humor John, but that’s not the only reason. The reason why I asked you to pat the dirt down is because without creating a solid foundation for the corner post to withstand the pressures of the fence, the integrity of the fence will be compromised.
You see John, to be a mature christian man, means to be able to trust God and draw on the strength of Jesus by faith, which gives you the foundation to have integrity, but that is not something you can do on your own. It requires the support of other christians, just like the corner post draws on the support of its adjacent components. Have you heard the quote it takes a village to raise a child?”
“Yea, but doesn’t it take a village idiot to mess things up?”
“Yes John, it does, but stay with me now. The concept is that many people become part of the life of that child and help the child to mature into adulthood which is the same as christians helping you to mature into spiritual maturity. Think of all the hundreds of components it takes to create this fence. Keep in mind though, this is something that can’t be rushed or hurried; life doesn’t work that way. To be the corner post for your family or to be more specific; a mature christian man; is to be a strong, stable and secure man of God that is able to withstand the pressures of life as well as your knowledge in your relationship with Jesus.”
“What about the Holy Spirit, you mentioned God and Jesus, aren’t they three in one?”
“Great question John and yes, the Holy Spirit has a role in the maturity of a christian. God sent the Holy Spirit as a helper, just like you were my helper this morning. Your help made it easier for me to finish the fence, but make no mistake when I say it was much more difficult when I didn’t have help. In a similar sense, the Holy Spirit helps us through difficulties by drawing us to Jesus as well as comforting us when we hurt which makes life a little bit easier to cope with.
“Thanks Phil, you’ve given me a lot to think about. One thing is for sure, I won’t ever look at a fence the same way again.”
“Well then; that means you’re on your way to maturing into the Godly man you were created to be.”
“Oh? How so?”
“Maturing in Christ is changing your perspective to His.”
“Wow, can we save that talk for some other time Phil?”
“Sure.” “Next time you can help me paint the house.”
“Goodbye John,”
“Goodbye Phil.”