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Writing Today

For the first time in a very long time, i was able to spend the day just writing. It felt good. i worked on some editing as well. I did learn that i can’t physically type as fast as i think without making mistakes. That means i have to back space and re-type a word(s) again. I hate that. It was a good day for writing. Thank you God.


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I have found that I can write for a long period of time and then I begin to feel a little bored, uncreative; like i’ve run out of steam. Is this a type of burn out or was I too intense and I had become weary? Never the less, every time I come back to write again and pick where I had left of in my novel, it feels good to write again. Maybe I needed to take a breather and then I come back fully charged.

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Writing Again

One good thing came about from my unemployment, it is the need to document my story. i have been writing much about my experience both positive and negative aspects and I hope to be able to publish my story. The bad thing about writing this memoir, is the fact of having to relive some difficult moments. At least they are just memories and not the actual experience again.

Writing is something that I enjoyed years ago when I was in college, and now that I feel that I have something to share, I feel justisfied to write with meaningful.

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